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Iconic | A Photographic Tribute To Apple Innovation

ICONIC is the ultimate coffee table book of any Apple devotee, the new book pays tribute to the innovation and design, of the worlds most innovative company - Apple. The book is illustrated beautifully over 340 pages with an aesthetic that complements the look of the Apple products, it takes you on a journey over 35 years of Apple products, through a photographic collection of their most important desktops, por, peripherals, prototypes, iDevices and packaging.

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ETE Plate was designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and fight obesity by stopping your overeating. ETE helps you control your portion size by showing you which food group to put on your plate, offering you endless possibilities to eat diverse and healthy meals. The simple illustrations developed by dieticians correspond to nutritional guidelines to secure greater control over eating habits and help you prepare many different types of meals. ...
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Meet your new best friend - Arctican, it keeps cold cans cold for up to 3 hours! Arctican keeps 12-ounce drinks cold without making your hands cold. Simply freeze the cooling core, twist it on and enjoy ice-cold drinks for up to 3 hours even out in the sun. The magic is possible thanks to the 2-layers of vacuum insulated steel and the twist-on cooling core filled with proprietary freezing gel that keeps drinks colder, longer. Never deal with lukewarm drinks and swea...
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Land Rover have announced the only officially approved Defender book! Icon: The Official Story of the Series Land Rover and Defender, features carefully chosen archive images, vivid first-hand accounts and exclusive interviews with the people behind the legendary 4x4 off-road vehicle. The handsome book has more more than 200 pages, and documents the rich history of the the Series and Defender models and their accomplishments throughout the world over the last 69 yea...
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